Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Rain Whatsapp Status

Rainy and Monsson seasons are most like all of indian, generally after hot summer, monsoon came and all faces are showing smile after first monsoon rain.so people find  so many things how to show monsoon and rainy season enjoyment with there friends,Relatives and Lover.so part of this we provide you best collection of RAINY AND MONSOON SEASON WHATSAPP STATUS which are useful for show your romance with your partner.so use this status which you like and share your friends and relatives and also share your best friends.
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Mujhe maar hi na dale in badlon ki sazish,
Ye jb se baras rahe hain tum yaad aa rhe ho.

Standing in the rain, calling out your name. Life is not the same without you.

A day without you... as the year without rain.

Whenever it rains, I feel you.
If he loves you he would stand in the pouring rain with you.

Ye husn-e mosam, ye barish, ye hawayein,
Lgta hai mohabbat ne aaj kisi ka sath diya hai

Rainy days give people like me a special kind of motivation- the motivation to do absolutely nothing.

My life is a storm, can you dance in the rain with me?

If I could do anything, it would be to kiss you in the middle of the street, on the rainiest day of the year. 

I LOVE RAIN!! The dark sky, thunder, and the smell!..RAINY DAYS make me HAPPY!!! 

I wish I could sit in the rain and let it wash all my worries away.

Is barish k mausam me ajeeb si kashish h
Na chahte hue bhi koi shidat se yaad aata hai.

Ab koun se mausam se koyi aas lagaye,
Barsaat mein bhi yaad na jab unko hum aye..

Kya rog de gayi hai nye mousam ki barish,
Mujhe yaad aa rahe hain mujhe bhul jane wale.

The day you chose to leave me it rained constantly in truth I swore the rain to be the tears of cuspids eyes.

I hide my sadness behind a smile,and use an umbrella in the rain.

I hide my trust behind a lie,and tarnish silver with a stain.

Hurt is like rain, it will wash away soon.  

I cry at the rains, so nobody will notice my tears.

After the rain always comes a rainbow, after the tears of happiness...

Let the rain wash away, All the pain of yesterday 

It's not about getting through the storm, but rather to learn to dance in the rain.

I love walking in the rain because no one knows i'm weeping.

I like rainy days. I love sleep, but go to bed late. I want to be comforted, but hate showing weakness. I like music loud. Yeah, that's me.
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Today is the perfect day to just lay in bed under the covers and watch television.

Life without music is like a lifetime without rain!

I like rainy days. I love sleep, but go to bed late. I want to be comforted, but hate showing weakness. I like music loud. Yeah, that's me.

Yeah! It's Still Raining! I Love the rain! I never want to see the sun again!
Life's a storm and I'm just dancing in the rain ;)

Dear Sun, I know you're up there hiding behind the clouds. Hide and seek is over, let's have some sun!